Plant Productions is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal, and all articles sent to this journal will be submitted to at least 3 reviewers in the editorial board meeting, and if they are deemed scientifically appropriate. Review times often differ depending on the subject area of the paper. Articles that are scientifically innovative and in line with the topic of the publication are sent to the referees after summarizing the comments. The editorial board's effort is to ensure that the stages of preliminary review, judging, coordination and final review of the articles, while taking into account the scientific conditions, have an acceptable speed. After receiving the referee's comments, the journal office sends the article to the author, after applying the correction comments of the referees by the author, sends it to the coordinating referee for control. After the coordinating referee declares that the opinions of the referees have been applied correctly or to a scientifically acceptable level, after the draft in the editorial board and final review, the article is accepted as a scientific paper. The editorial board of the journal is free to accept, reject, publish and modify articles. All manuscripts submitted to journal must be original contributions, and must not be under consideration for publication with another journal, nor have been previously published, in part or whole.