Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Professor, Plant Protection Research Department, Ardabil Agricultural and Natural Resources Research and Education Centre, AREEO, Ardabil, Iran

2 M.Sc. of Horticulture Crops Research Department, Ardabil Agricultural and Natural Resources Research and Education Centre, AREEO, Ardabil, Iran


In order to determine the most suitable dwarf rootstock for apple cultivar 'Red Delicious' and optimal planting distances under climatic conditions of Meshginshahr region, this research was conducted as a split plot with randomized complete block design in three replications during two years. The two planting distances of 2 × 4 and 3 × 4 meter were as the main plot and three rootstocks MM106, M9 and M26 were as sub-plots were included in the test. Analysis of variances showed significant differences between years in terms of yield and flowers density; between the planting distances in terms of yield, fruit size and soluble solids concentration and flowers density; between rootstocks in terms of yield, fruit size, flower density and dry matter; and significant differences in yields between interactions of the planting distances × rootstocks, year × planting distances × rootstocks at 5% and 1% possibility levels. Apple CV. 'Red Delicious' grafted on M9 rootstock in planting distances of 2 × 4 meter with 9.367 tons per hectare had the highest yield and was placed in group. Analysis of average effect of rootstock in fruit production showed that 'Red Delicious' on M9 rootstocks produced the biggest fruit and had the highest density. Fruit size, flower density on tree and soluble solids concentration in the planting at a distance of 3 × 4 m were greater than that in 2 × 4 meter. In this study, apple fire blight disease was not observed in the treatments.


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