Document Type : Research Paper



This research was conducted to study the effects of gibberellic acid (GA3) and gibberellic acid (GA3) plus benzyladenine (BA) on the quality of two cultivars of Lilium L. hybrid ‘Navona’ and ‘Ceb Dazzle’. Lilium cut flowers were harvested when the first flower bud showed full color. The experiment conducted with ten treatments, including distilled water as control, three treatments of GA3 and five treatments of GA3+BA and one treatment was silver nanoparticles plus sucrose. Lilium cut flowers were pulsed in different solutions for 24 hours; then they were transferred to preservative solution including 2ppm silver nanoparticles plus 3% sucrose. GA3 200+BA 20 mg/l treatment were the most effective ones on the inflorescence longevity and relative fresh weight and flower water content of both cultivars. Moreover in cultivar ‘Navona’, GA3 200+BA 20 mg/l treatment increased water uptake and improved membrane stability index. GA3 200 mg/l treatment were the most effective treatment on retention leaf chlorophyll content. On the other hand in ‘Ceb Dazzle’ cultivar, GA3 100+BA 10 mg/l, increased water uptake, whilst GA3 200 mg/l was the most effective on maintaining membrane stability index and leaf chlorophyll content.