Document Type : Research Paper



In this study, the yield of three common varieties Marfona, Agria, and Kosima of Iranian grown potatoes in two sowing depths, 20 and 25 cm in Isfahan, Damaneh area were determined. A strip randomized complete block design was considered with three replications. Variety was considered as the main factor and depth as sub-factor. In addition, correlation of tuber dry matter percent, cumulative nitrate, and weight density of tubers that harvested from the sowing depth of 20 cm were measured and compared in three sizes of tubers: small, medium, and large diameters. ANOVA results showed that variety and sowing depth had significant effect on the yield of potato tubers (P<0.05). The maximum yield for Marfona variety was 44 tons per hectare in the sowing depth of 20 cm. Tuber size and variety correlation had significant effect on dry matter at confidence level of 1% and 5%, respectively. Kosima variety and large tubers had more dry matter. Variety and tuber size had significant correlation on cumulative nitrate (P<0.01). Agria tubers stored more amount of nitrate and Kosima stored the least. Large tubers stored more nitrate. Variety and tuber size did not have significant correlation on tuber weight density. Marfona tubers had more weight, so it can be good for export. Kosima tuber had more dry matter percent and stored less cumulative nitrate.