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Presence of genotype × environment (GE) interaction necessitates evaluations in a wide range of environments to find desirable genotypes. This study was carried out to determine the stability of grain yield of 21 chickpea genotypes, in RCBD with three replications under rainfed and irrigated conditions in College of Agriculture, Razi University of Kermanshah, Iran, for 4 years. The genotype × environment interaction effects were analyzed using the additive main effects, and multiplicative interaction (AMMI) statistical model indicated that it was significant at 1% level of probability. The sum of squares of G × E interaction was partitioned by AMMI model into four significant interaction principal component axes (IPCA). The first two principal component axes (IPCA1 and IPCA2) in total contributed to 66.58% of total genotype by environment interaction. A biplot generated using genotypic and environmental scores of the first two AMMI components also showed that genotypes 15  (FLIP 92-104 C), 8 (FLIP 92-9 C), 7 (FLIP 92-47 C), 1 (FLIP 92-31 C), 16 (FLIP 92-158 C) and 21 (ILC 482) were also selected as stable genotypes, while the genotypes 7, 8, 16 and 21 were outstanding for high yield and stability.



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