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A factorial experiment was conducted at the Agricultural Research Station of Bahonar University of Kerman to study the effects of salinity on the growth and yield of two maize cultivars in 2006. The design employed was a completely randomized design with three replications. Treatments were a combination of all levels of two factors including hybrid (single cross 647, three way cross 647) and electrical conductivity of soil solution (4, 6, 8, 10 dS/m). The results showed that the measured traits (shoot length, number of leaf, leaf area, dry weight and chlorophyll content) were affected significantly by salinity. The highest and lowest amounts of mentioned traits belonged to control and 10 dS/m treatments, respectively. Data analysis of variance also showed that the number of row per head, number of grain per row, the total number of grain per head and thousand grain weights were affected very significantly by salinity. Mean comparisons using Duncan multiple range test showed that control produced the higher amount of mentioned traits while severe stress produced the lowest. Yield production was reduced very significantly by salinity. Harvesting index was also affected by salinity. The effect of cultivars on most of the traits was not significant. Interaction effects did not influence any of the vegetative and reproductive traits significantly either.



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