Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Natural Resource Research Center of Khouzestan

2 Assistant Professor, Horticultural Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Shahid Chamran University, Ahvaz


In order to study phenology, some growth indices and qualitative and quantitative characteristics of potato cultivars (Savalan, Sante and Cozima) an experiment was conducted for one year (2010-2011) at Behbahan Agriculture Research Station. The experimental design was randomized complete block design with three treatments and three replications. Tubers were planted at mid January 2010 and were harvested at mid May 2011. The results indicated that the yield of potato in Khouzestan province is lower than that in temperate regions due to the long sprout development stage and high temperature during the tuber bulking stage. The duration of the vegetative stage was short and the maturation stage was not observed. The haulm and tuber growth rate increased during the early season while reached a maximum value, following decline in the late season. The tuber and crop growth rate of Savalan cultivar (19.4 and 21.72 g m-2 day-1 respectively) was higher than other cultivars. Therefore, this cultivar produced the highest yield of tuber dry weight (4.20 t ha-1). The maximum of relative growth rate (0.598 g g-1 day-1) and maximum of tuber growth rate (0.320 g g-1 day-1) belong to Savalan and Cozima cultivars respectively. Cozima cultivar produced the highest total and marketable yield (19.91 and 18.38 t ha-1 respectively). In regard to, total and marketable yield the difference between Cozima and Savalan cultivars was not significant. Savalan cultivar produced the highest tuber dry weight percentage (22.38)


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